Friday, May 4, 2012

LG G-Slate

Technology affiliate with tablets is modifying fast and as consumers , the best we can do is try to keep up with these changes. The LG G-Slate is a unique and which will surely get your attention. Manufactured and designed by technological guru's LG, this tablet delivers users more than they could ask for. It's is powered by Android's most current release- the Honeycomb- in line with Google's spirit of Xoom. With much similarity to the Xoom, the slate has inbuilt Tegra 2 CPU, rear and front facing surveillance cameras and an impeccable built stock OS.

Features of the LG G-Slate
Behind every prosperous brand of solutions are a wide range of features which increase its operating. The LG G-Slate is no different. Here, we will delve on some of the most conspicuous features and which you are most likely to care about. When it can come to its display and hardware, this tablet is one of the most unique and best looking tablets with soft edges and material analogous with the Xoom. With specifications similar to those of the Android 3.0, the LG G-Slate has superior battery life, sound and internals to blow your mind off. When it can come to the camera, this android slate is increased with 3D and immense playback capabilities Though the rear and front facing camera act as an incentive. As an Android tablet, the LG G-Slate uses the Honeycomb OS –Android 3.0 which has aided make certain process much easier.

Pros and Cons of the LG G-Slate
The LG G-Slate has its pros and cons just like any other solution in the market. First, its battery life is unbelievable; it's run on Android 3.0 specs Though its display is adorable-crisp and clear. However, its size and form are awkward, the 3D camera would seem like a big joke Though its price and contract are costly.

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