Thursday, May 10, 2012

Free MiO Samples

Are you looking for sugar free beverages? I know you have tried out a number of them only to discover that they are not that great as you expected. Have you heard about Mio liquid water enhancer? It is a product from Kraft Foods that is good for those who can no longer take sugar as a result of sugar issues.

Mio water enhancer is well packaged in a leak proof compriseer that is very transportable hence giving you the convenience of taking it with you wherever you go. It is also possible that you mix it with any quantity of liquid and make it to your style. For those who would like to make it strong and candy, it's possible by just adding more of it. adding a tiny bit of Mio makes the style faint for those who prefer it that way.

 Does Mio comprise calories sugar and carbs? No it doesn't. How many formulations or rather types does the product offer for the consumer to pick from? There are a wide range of MIO water enhancer for one to pick from. This includes the following:

Mio liquid water enhancer fruit patch 1.62 fl oz

Mio berry pomegranate Liquid water enhancer 1.62 fl oz

Mio liquid water enhancer, orange tangerine 1.62 oz

Mio strawberry watermelon liquid enhancer 1.62 oz

Mio liquid enhancer, candy tea 1.62 fl oz

Mio mango peach liquid water enhancer, 1.62 oz

How the product prices? Mio formulations are quite affordable because their market prices are pocket friendly. The prices range from $ 15.50 to as low as $3.78 depending on the size of the formulation.

 So if you're looking forward to having a liquid water enhancer with out fake styles and that does not color your tongue, Mio is the product to go for. Add Mio water enhancer to your purchasing list today and be among those currently having fun with the product.

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